People are Throwing Away Their Stimulus Check Debit Cards


Instead of sending checks like the first time, the IRS decided they could "speed things up" by sending out the second stimulus payments via debit cards.  
The problem?  People have been throwing their stimulus debit cards away because the envelope it's delivered in could easily be mistaken for junk mail, coming in a plain, white envelopes that mentions NOTHING about the U.S. Treasury.  There's no IRS return address in Washington, DC, either. 
Then there are some who have opened the envelope to simply find a debit card inside.  Some are saying that the official IRS letter that comes with it is confusing because it doesn't look that "official".  There have been several Americans who have trashed their stimulus debit card because they thought it was simply a scam.
If you do get your card, look out for charges. One Cincinnati resident told WCPO-TV that she isn't thrilled that her debit card came with ATM fees for cashing it out, saying "It's got all of these fees that are associated with it."
If you may have accidentally threw your stimulus payment away, you can claim it on your federal income tax form or... you could call the IRS and request a new debit card.
Good luck on someone at the IRS actually picking up the phone.