Justin Bieber Releases Long-Awaited 5th Album "Changes"


The wait is finally over. After a long, five-year hiatus, Justin Bieber once again has a new album out, as the pop star dropped his highly anticipated Changes at midnight ET on Friday. The album finds Bieber in a reflective, R&B kind of mood, meditating on the changes in his life--especially his marriage to wife Hailey. Billboard notes that the singer seems to be "shrugging off radio expectations in order to candidly sing about how much Hailey Bieber, whom he wed in September 2018, has helped provide him a sense of stability after spending much of his life in the spotlight feeling unmoored, or worse." The 17-track album is "less dance-floor fodder, and more futuristic R&B built upon a variety of trap beats." The album also features a number of smart collaborations, including Kehlani, Quavo, Post Malone, Travis Scott, Summer Walker, and Lil Dicky. Ultimately, the outlet writes, "Whether or not Changes is as prosperous of an album as Purpose remains to be seen. Regardless, it is the album that Bieber needed to make at this moment, a literal passion project from one of pop’s most fascinating superstars."

The full track list for Justin Bieber's Changes:

  1. "All Around Me" 
  2. "Habitual" 
  3. "Come Around Me"
  4. "Intentions" (feat. Quavo) 
  5. "Yummy" 
  6. "Available" 
  7. "Forever" (feat. Post Malone and Clever) 
  8. "Running Over" (feat. Lil Dicky) 
  9. "Take It Out on Me" 
  10. "Second Emotion" (feat. Travis Scott) 
  11. "Get Me" (feat. Kehlani) 
  12. "E.T.A." 
  13. "Changes" 
  14. "Confirmation" 
  15. "That's What Love Is" 
  16. "At Least for Now" 
  17. "Yummy (Summer Walker Remix)" (with Summer Walker)