Drake Tests Negative for Coronavirus After Partying With Kevin Durant


Drake has tested negative for COVID-19, after potentially being exposed to the virus after partying with NBA star Kevin Durant, who tested positive last week. The rapper revealed the good news to his dad, Dennis Graham, during an Instagram Live chat on Saturday night. Drake, who has been self-isolating in his Toronto mansion out of caution, also noted that the COVID-19 test itself was no picnic. "Yo, that test was uncomfortable," he said. "They put that Q-tip all the way inside your thoughts and s**t." Dennis Graham, meanwhile, told his son that he also thinks he's feeling okay. "I bought a temperature gun. I don't have a temperature; I'm feeling fine. I was hurting a couple of days ago, like in my chest and stuff. But you know I’m okay." Later in the call, Drake gave his followers some positive words, saying he's "praying for all your loved ones," and musing at the singular nature of this time. "It's a moment in history that we'll probably never get back again--a moment you get to be by yourself or be with your loved ones or check in with people."