Roc Nation Boxer Sues JAY-Z Over Severe Brain Injuries

February 21, 2019

A former boxer is suing JAY-Z over severe brain injuries he sustained while signed to Roc Nation Sports. TMZ reports that Daniel Franco signed a deal with Roc Nation Sports in 2015 and won his first five fights. In 2017, however, Franco says he got the flu and asked Roc Nation to postpone or cancel an upcoming fight, but the company pushed him to fight anyway. He lost the fight badly and then was booked for another fight shortly thereafter. Roc Nation then reportedly booked Franco for a third fight in just 79 days, without medical assessment first. According to court documents, Franco says he was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage and fell into a coma. He believes doctors would have found two skull fractures and a brain bleed before the third fight had he received proper medical attention. Franco, who now has to wear a helmet at all times to protect his brain, is seeking unspecified damages.