Kylie Jenner’s Pornhub Searches Surpass Sister Kim After "Playboy" Cover


After Kylie Jenner appeared on the cover of Playboy, searches for the 22-year-old on porn website Pornhub "skyrocketed" to a level not seen since her half-sister Kim Kardashian bared her butt in 2014. “The spike we’re seeing in searches for Kylie right now following the Playboy news is insane,” a Pornhub spokesman tells Page Six. “It’s around where Kim’s searches were following her Paper mag shoot in 2014.” The spokesman said that after Kim's Paper appearance in 2014, search requests for her shot up 629 percent; In comparison, Kylie saw a 661 percent increase since her nude pics hit the web. Kim may have anticipated this day, telling the outlet in 2015 that if anyone was going to dethrone her as sexiest sibling, it might as well be Kylie. "Who better to pass on knowledge to my baby sister, rather than a random non-family member," Kim said. "She is so, like, deserving. If I would want anyone to follow in my footsteps, anyone to borrow my clothes, anyone to, like, share my glam team, it is Kylie, King Kylie.”